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NMR wideband transceiver

NMR Wide Band Transceiver

The Transceiver (Transmitter and Receiver) serves to generate radiofrequency pulses for the real-time sequence with adjustable phase and magnitude and process quadrature mixing of the NMR signal providing tunable gain.
This module can be purchased separately. It is possible to change parameters of transceiver to fulfill specific requirements.

Functional Diagram of DDS Transceiver  Pulse Sequence Sample


Basic Characteristics:
  • Guaranteed operating frequency range: 5..60 MHz
  • Minimal step of frequency setup: 0.5 Hz
  • Quadrature detection
  • Overall receiver bandwidth: 1 MHz
  • RX channel input sensitivity: 50 uV ( rms )
  • Maximal TX Output Level: 10 V ( rms ) on 50 Ohm cable
  • TX radiofrequency phases: 00 , 900 , 1800 , 2700
  • TX/RX DDS maximal phase error: 1.5 %

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