Reaction Monitoring by Process NMR

Presented here are several simple reactions monitored by 60 MHz process NMR performed in a 5 mm NMR tube.

Reaction #1: Acetic Anhydride in Water – Reacts to form Acetic Acid

Acetic Anhydride in Water - Reaction Monitored by process NMR

AA in Water - 1H Process NMR

NMR Monitored Reaction Profile

AA + Water - NMR Reaction Profile

Reaction #2: Acetic Anhydride + Excess of Methanol + Acid – Yields Acetic Acid and Acetic Methyl Ester

First Reaction was Performed without Shaking the Sample before Observation

AA+MeOH - Not Shaken

AA+MeOH 2 - Not Shaken

NMR Monitored Reaction Profile

Reaction Monitrong by NMR - AA+Methanol

Second Reaction was Performed with a vigorous shake of the NMR tube before observation.

AA+MeOH - Shaken - 1H NMR

AA+MeOH Shaken - 1H NMR - Zoom

NMR Monitored Reaction Profile

NMR Reaction Monitoring - AA in MeOH - 1H NMR

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