Process NMR Associates to Present at 3 Meetings

I will be presenting a poster and two invited talks at three meetings this Summer and Fall. The first meeting is Petrophase XI 2010 (11th International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behaviour and Fouling) in Jersey City, NJ, June 13-17 – my poster is entitled: “Improved Approach to the Calculation of Average Molecular Descriptions of Heavy Petroleum Hydrocarbons by Combined Analysis by Quantitative 13C and DEPT-45 NMR Experiments”. The poster describes a new methodology for 13C NMR analysis of heavy petroleum materials based on quantitative 13C and DEPT experiments which can be used in combination to calculate an average aromatic cluster size that is consistent with other analysis techniques. Published approaches being used currently underestimate the size of the aromatic groups in heavy petroleum materials.

In July I will be presenting an invited talk: “A Self-Employed Application Chemists Odyssey in the World of Analytical Instrument Development The Viability of a $50K High Resolution NMR and $15K ESR Spectrometers”, at the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD. The date has yet to be set.

I will be presenting an invited talk in a session on reaction monitoring with NMR at SMASH 2010 in Portland Oregon, September 26-29 – my talk is entitled: “Simple and Continuous Flow Reaction Monitoring by High Resolution Bench-top Permanent Magnet 1H NMR at 60 MHz”, by John C. Edwards, Paul J. Giammatteo, at SMASH 2010, in Portland, Oregon.