IFPAC Conference: Process NMR Associates and University of California, Davis to Present Process NMR and MRI Short Course Prior to Meeting

Short Course on Process NMR and MRI to be presented at the IFPAC Meeting (http://www.ifpac.com/)
When: Monday, January17, 1:00pm to 5:00pm, and continues on Tuesday January 18, 8:00AM to 12 noon
Location: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
Instructors: Michael J. McCarthy, Professor of Engineering, University of California, Davis, CA
Paul J. Giammatteo, Ph.D., Process NMR Associates LLC, Danbury, CT

The course is specifically designed and organized for industry professionals who want to add to their knowledge-base on magnetic resonance and process analytical technology. Topics include compositional analysis, rheological characterization, measurement of the state of mixing, visualizing transport and product stability as well as recent advances in process magnetic resonance sensors. This course will bring you up-to-date on the latest information concerning the applications and state-of-the art instrumentation for process magnetic resonance.
* Introduction to Process NMR Magnetic resonance theory
– Time-domain, High resolution, Diffusion, Imaging
* Hardware
– Spectrometers, magnets, probes
* Coupling the sensor to the process
* Applications will include:
– Composition measurement
– Property measurement
– Rheology measurement
– Product structure
For Details contact Paul Giammatteo Tel: (203) 744-5905 or Michael McCarthy Tel: (530) 752 8921