TD-NMR Analysis of Catalytic Cracker Feedstocks

The 19.5 MHz Spintrack NMR analyzer was utilized to study a large series of  vacuum gas oils and FCC feeds for which PNA also has laboratory test data.

The analysis was performed on a SpinTrack 19.5 MHz TD-NMR spectrometer CPMG T2 decays were generated and then that data was processed with a inverse laplace transformation to produce T2 distribution profiles. These T2 distribution profiles are currently being correlated to physical and chemical property data.

NMR Experiment explanation is given below:



The CPMG data obtained on the four samples is shown below:


The T2 distribution profiles obtained by inverse Laplace transformation of the CPMG data are shown below:


The correlation between T2 distribution and the metal content, viscosity, distillation range, density, asphaltene content are all being investigated at the current time.