Newsflash: For Immediate Release – Process NMR Associates and Quantum Tessera Enter into Strategic Partnership

Process NMR Associates, LLC, Danbury, CT and Quantum Tessera Consulting, LLC, Collegeville, PA, USA

Process NMR Associates, LLC (LLC) and Quantum Tessera Consulting, LLC are pleased to announce they have entered into a Strategic Partnership. This partnership will leverage PNA’s experience applying magnetic resonance techniques to such processes as reaction monitoring, active ingredient quality control, and the petroleum industry. PNA’s MR expertise extends into time-domain NMR, low field high resolution NMR (60MHz and 300MHz) applications, and chemometrics. Quantum Tessera brings its knowledge and experience about large molecule process development. Together, Process NMR Associates and Quantum Tessera can deliver higher value to clients process and manufacturing problems.

Process NMR Associates and Quantum Tessera’s first project will be focused initially on NMR-based solutions for bioprocess monitoring and biofuel manufacture.

Dr. John Edwards, Principal and Manager of Analytical Services at PNA comments, “The combination of Quantum Tessera Consulting and PNA will allow both companies to expand their customer base and allow them to offer a wider range of robust and innovative solutions to our clients.”

Dr. Edward Zartler, CSO of Quantum Tessera, adds, “Process NMR associates has always led the field in NMR-based process analytics. This Strategic Partnership will result in synergies between our two companies, where the sum will be greater than the individual parts.”

About Quantum Tessera Consulting, LLC ( Quantum Tessera provides complete analytical solutions to its clients. While focused on NMR-based solutions, Quantum Tessera is focused on delivering the most appropriate solution to its customers. Quantum Tessera is focused on two major areas: Fragment-based Drug Discovery (FBDD) and Bioprocess Development.

About Process NMR Associates, LLC ( Process NMR Associates provides 1) 300 MHz analytical NMR services and consulting, 2) sales and marketing of the Aspect Italia 60 MHz high resolution NMR systems for process analytical and laboratory applications, and 3) marketing, sales, and applications for the Cosa-Xentaur SpinPulse TD-NMR spectrometer series.