MestreLab MNova Users Meeting – SMASH 2013 – PNA NMR Presentation

“Utilization of MNova in a Commercial NMR Testing Laboratory for: 1) Development of Automated Quantitative Analysis Methods by Direct Internal Standard NMR Measurements, and 2) Pre-Processing of Large NMR Datasets for Chemometric Regression Analyses to Derive Chemical and Physical Properties” – presented by John Edwards at the MNova Users Meeting – SMASH 2013 – Santiago de Compostela, Spain, September 22, 2013
PDF of Presentation

Automated 1H qNMR analysis of complex mixtures – example of aloe vera powder 200x

Final automated analysis output for aloe vera analysis – assignments and quantitative output.

Chemometric analysis – spectrum processing and X-matrix preparation performed in MNova – ascii output imported into Eigenvector Research Solo for PLS regression or PCA analysis. Correlation of 1H NMR at 300 or 60 MHz with GC analysis of EPA and DHA content (wt%).