Process NMR Sessions at Eastern Analytical Symposium – November 14

Eastern Analytical Symposium – November 12-15, 2007
Garden State Convention Center, Somerset, New Jersey

Process NMR Technology Sessions
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Chair: John Edwards, Process NMR Associates
Sponsored by Process NMR Associates

Process NMR Technology I: High-Resolution Studies

9:00 Introduction to NMR in Process Control
John Edwards, Process NMR Associates

9:25 Standardizing and Stabilizing NMR Calibration Transfer
Miko DeLevy, Qualion NMR Analyzers

9:50 More from the Barrel – On-line NMR Increases Diesel Production and Quality
Paul Giammatteo, Process NMR Associates

10:15 Break

10:35 Taking NMR into the Refining Process: Best Practices and Benefits
Marcus Trygstad, Invensys Process Systems

11:00 “Get Your Head Out of the Sand: Use of Reaction NMR to Better Understand Reactions in Process Development”
Andreas Kaerner, Eli Lilly

11:25 Direct Prediction of Gasoline Properties for Monitoring Refinery Processes by H-1 NMR Spectroscopy
Veena Bansal, Indian Oil Company

Process NMR Technology II: Time-Domain Studies
Chair: John Edwards, Process NMR Associates
Sponsored by Process NMR Associates

2:00 “Recent Developments in Time-domain NMR and Its Applications in Polymer Industry”
Harry Xie, Bruker Optics

2:25 “Time-domain NMR: Uses and Contributions to Process Control”
Vaughn Davis, Progression

2:50 “Recent Progress of NMR and MRI in Petroleum Exploration”
YiQiao Song, Schlumberger-Doll

3:15 Break

3:35 “Applications of Time-domain NMR to Laboratory and On-line Polymer Analysis”
Maziar Sardashti,ConocoPhillips

4:00 “Challenges in On-line Water Cut Monitoring of Heavy Oil Thermal Operations Using Low Field NMR”
Sergey Kryuchkov, University of Calgary

4:25 “Benchtop Fluoride NMR: A Rapid QC/QA Method”
Chris Borgia, Colgate-Palmolive