Process NMR Associates Develops Oxford QP-20 Spectrometer Replacement

In a joint development effort Process NMR Associates and Resonance Systems Ltd have developed a replacement NMR spectrometer for the Oxford QP-20 TD-NMR analyzer. In many cases the excellent magnet and probe of the QP-20 continue to work effectively long after the NMR spectrometer has died. The Spin Track-20 spectrometer enables the user to completely replace the QP-20 NMR system while retaining the use of the original magnet and probe configuration. The product represents state-of-the-art digital NMR technology allowing newly developed TD-NMR methodologies to be applied to complex systems with all the advantages of a windows computer system (replacing the paper cartridge of the original system). Customers who have malfunctioning QP-20 NMR systems can obtain a modern digital NMR system within 8 weeks of order and for less than $16,000. The modular design of the Spin Track TD-NMR systems allows our engineers to develop replacement systems for all benchtop NMR systems such as those marketed by Oxford Instruments, Bruker Minispec, and Resonance Systems. Contact us if you have a non-functioning system that might be a candidate for the Spin Track upgrade.

For more information contact John Edwards Principal, Process NMR Associates – Spin Track Division
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