The RefinIR – FTIR-ATR Petroleum Product Analyzer

Press Release – NMR Process Systems – Gulf Coast Conference, Galveston Island, Texas October 17, 2007

NMR Process Systems, LLC and Smith’s Detection Launch RefinIRTM – The New Refinery Products Analyzer

In a joint development effort NMR Process Systems and Smith’s Detection have developed a range of petroleum analyzer products based on a mid-infrared spectrometer which utilizes an attenuated total reflection (ATR) sample interface. The ATR allows wipe and swipe sample introduction that is ideal for heavy petroleum analysis. Chemometric approaches to chemical and physical property prediction have been developed as well as analysis by spectral database matching. The FTIR-ATR spectrometer is called the RefinIR which can be utilized in the laboratory for rountine, multi-parameter prediction of  petroleum product properties or to aid in process troubleshooting on unusual samples or solid foulants.

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