Extensive NMR Diesel Database Enhances NMR Model Performance for Unit Control and Product Manufacturing

An extensive database (10 years) of diesel samples incorporating all refining processes (distillation through product blending) enables development of robust, wide ranging property predictions independent of crude sources and refinery processing. Consistent attention to data integrity enables expanding model ranges well beyond any typical single unit or process operation. The following slides elucidate the consistency in spectra whether obtained 10 years ago or last week, from within a refinery or on a laboratory spectrometer.
NMR of Diesel
NMR - Aromatic Region of Diesels
NMR- Aliphatic Region of Diesel
Hydrotreated Diesels - NMR
Diesel Distillation Model - T50 (F) NMR
Diesel Distillation model - T50 (C) - NMR
Diesel Distillation Model - T90 (F) - NMR
Diesel Distillation Model - T90 (C) - NMR
Diesel Flash Model - NMR
Diesel Cloud Point Model - NMR
Diesel T50 Model Online Performance - NMR- 3 Weeks
Diesel Flash Point Model Online Performance - NMR - 3 Weeks
Diesel Cloud Point Model Online Performance - NMR - 3 Weeks
NMR - Diesel Production Control Scheme

If you are interested in finding out more about NMR and diesel production control contact Paul Giammatteo or phone him at +1 (203) 744-5905 – see the Process NMR Associates website for further information