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NMR Test and Consulting - Pricing Effective May 2019

NMR Spectrometer Time
(includes spectrometer set up and routine sample prep).

Standard Rate : $80/hr (For First 4 hours), $35/hr for additional hours over 4 hours (Overnight $450, 24 Hour Acquisitions $750).

Priority Service*: 50% Surcharge for immediate priority. Charge based directly on time to prepare samples, perform analysis and report.

Professional Time for Interpretation and Report Writing: $250 /hr.

* Subject to availability – please inquire

NMR – Individual Experiments:

Standard 1H Analysis : $60 * (No analysis/interpretation of data/assuming sample not limited (>2 mg))

Standard 13C Analysis of Small Molecule: $250 * (No analysis/interpretation of data/assuming sample is not limited (>300 mg))

Quantitative 13C NMR : $350-450* (High S/N acquired – Typically Overnight Analysis).

Detailed 13C Analysis of Petroleum Products with carbon type and average molecule parameters calculated: $450*

Standard 1H-13C DEPT : $80* (No analysis/interpretation of data)

Multidimensional experiments charged for actual spectrometer time. Overnight Acquisitions – $450  24 Hour Acquisitions $750).

ASTM F2259 Alginate Analysis – $350

Phospholipid Analysis – Krill Oil, Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylserine – $350 per sample

Aloe Vera Analysis – ID Only = $155, Powder Samples =  $175,  Liquid Samples $250 (includes freeze drying), Hydrolysis Analysis of Aloe Vera Products with Thickening Agents and Interfering Additives = $350

Multinuclear and sample-limited experiments will be performed for a length of time that is agreed upon in advance.

Beer, Wine, Cider – Alocoholic Beverage Analysis – Detailed quantitative fingerprint – Call for Details

NMR Identity Testing for REACH Registration – Call for Quote

All Other NMR Experiments – Call for Discussion and Quote

* Includes NMR Tube and Standard Deuterated Solvents
See Additional Charges that May be Levied Depending on Project Listed Below.

Consulting and Interpretation Fees:

Consulting fees are charged at a rate of $250/hr or $1450/day, plus usual/customary expenses.

(Initial discussions concerning a potential project are not considered consulting time).

Expert Witness $450/hr.

Professional Time Associated with NMR Technical Support of Litigation $350/hr

Process NMR Associates - Sample Submission Form

NMR Submission Form (PDF)

Fill out this form and include it with samples submitted for analysis