Process NMR

Process NMR Applications

On-Line Applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology
Many of the following applications were developed by Process NMR Associates in the period from 1997-2003 while working under contract as the application development partner of the Invenys MRA product. PNA retains the rights to these applications and markets them through NMR Process Systems

Process and Laboratory NMR System - User’s Manual

Comparisons of 60 MHz and 300 MHz NMR Data - Demonstrating the rich functionality that is observed in cryogen free permanent magnet systems operating at lower field strengths.

Reaction Monitoring - AspectItalia 60 MHz NMR Combined with the Processing Power of MestReNova

Refinery Applications of NMR and FTIR-ATR

Multinuclear NMR Applications - 31P, 19F

Petroleum Exploration

Petrochemical Applications

Food Applications

Pulp and Paper Industry

LNG and Power Industry

Fuels from Renewable Resources

Pharmaceutical Applications

Miscellaneous Applications

More Application Presentations

Presentations Made by PNA at Local and National Meeting

NMR Analysis Projects that Process NMR Associates has worked on.

Process NMR Associates - NMR Analysis Blog

The Other Aspect of Process NMR is Time Domain NMR Spectroscopy - Learn More

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