Process NMR


Example of Gasoline AnalysisEstablished in 1997 Process NMR Associates, LLC ("PNA") is an NMR services and consulting company dedicated to developing process NMR applications for online and at-line process NMR products as well as providing analytical NMR testing services to industry and academia. The markets currently targeted for process NMR development are the refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

We will competitively discount any quote from a competing commercial NMR service. In other words, get a quote from another commercial NMR service and we will match their quote and reduce the cost by a further 5%.

Are you a major corporate NMR facility that would like to free up instrument time by outsourcing routine NMR analysis? We can provide rapid turnaround outsourced NMR analysis that will allow your facility to concentrate on strategic development projects.

Same Day Turnaround of 1H NMR Analysis Can be Performed Upon Request.

We offer consulting and expert witness services - Process NMR Associates comprises two Ph.D. chemists with a combined experience of over 50 years in the NMR field applied specifically to the refining and petrochemical industries.

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