Gas Oil Blending

This application marketed by NMR Process Systems LLC

Gas oil blending is an application that is particularly well suited for NMR. A diesel blending application has been installed at a Texas refinery for over 2 years and has enjoyed high availability and validated performance. The system has been utilized for batch blending to tankage and the sample system is currently being modified for use on in-line blending direct to pipeline. The following slides show the typical information present in the NMR data as well as typical spectral variability that can be correlated to changes in chemical and physical properties.

The above slides show a typical ten days of operation and the performance of the models. Other information can also be obtained from the analyzer such as when refinery waste streams are blended away into the diesel pool. The following slides show a typical day of batch blending during which a VGO type oil was blended to the diesel tanks. Note that the cetane index remains the same while the distillation and viscosity change noticeably.

Further example of an NMR based diesel blending and diesel manufacturing process control scheme is found here.

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