A poster on the following abstract will be presented at the 2nd PANIC Conference, Charlotte NC, Feb 3-5, by Boris Nemzer, Futureceuticals Inc., Momence IL, John C. Edwards, Process NMR Associates, Danbury CT

Fruitex-B® is a patented plant mineral complex that is marketed as a nutritional supplement with potential health benefits for conditions linked to inflammation such as bone, joint and cardiovascular conditions. The product is a calcium fructoborate complex formed by the reaction of boric acid with fructose and calcium carbonate. Liquid and solid-state 13C and 11B NMR was utilized to establish a baseline for product quality and to establish a robust testing method for both identification and quantification of the mono-complex and the di-complex present in the product, as well as free borate and free fructose that is present in the finished product. The effect of varying the molar ratio of the complex components was studied by 11B and 13C NMR to establish the relative amounts of free borate, free fructose, and mono-/di-complex present in the products formed by the manufacturing recipe changes. A quantitative 11B NMR method was developed to quantify the amount of Fruitex-B®present in products where it was tableted or capsuled with magnesium stearate or maltodextrin. A quantitative 13C NMR method was developed to quantify free fructose content in the complex. Finally, an NMR based product stability study was performed to monitor molecular level stability of the complex at temperature ranging from 35-70oC with exposure lasting from 2-18 hours.