The data below shows the ability of 13C NMR to assign the natural product distribution found in essential oils. Once assignment of the oil hgas been obtained by 13C NMR the 1H NMR can also be assigned. For QA/QC a benchtop 60 MHz system has enough resolution that authenticity of essential oils can be performed either visually of by PCA type analysis.

Ger – Geraniol         GerAc – Geranyl Acetate        iEugMe – Methylisoeugenol       Bor – Borneol

aPin – alpha-pinene        Lim –  Limonene        tOci – trans-beta-Ocimene      Cen – Camphene

Cllo – Citronellol        Clla – Citronellal        GenD – Germacrene D         aCal – Citral A (Geranial)

aTol – alpha-Terpiniol         cOci – cis-beta-Ocimene        Myr – Myrcene